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"Thankful Generations” WWII Project - Part 7


This may be the sweetest WWII photo I have ever seen, a wedding portrait of William Harvel (1921-1998) born in Tulsa, OK and his beautiful bride, Audrey Mitchell.  Yet, my first attempt at creating a bead tapestry with their photograph ended in disappointment.  Intimidated? Definitely.  Feeling pressured for time? Yes.  Self-imposed demands to get as many tapestries done as possible? Guilty.

In my haste to complete this project as quickly as possible, I set aside my normal routine of making subtle but necessary changes as I went, and allowed the pattern to dictate the process.  Big mistake.  Though my first effort wasn’t bad, the second was created with much more attention to detail.


The Harvels … 

My brother-in-law, Gary, who knows this couple as “Mom and Dad”, reflects on his father’s service as a revered Seabee … 

"I know his unit was attached to the First Marine Division for some of their battles in the Pacific. He was wounded by a Japanese hand grenade on the island of Peleliu, but he served on several other islands. I have not had much luck finding records, since it was not uncommon to attach part of a Seabee battalion to a marine unit.....and the people writing the history only talk about the main unit.”

Though we don’t know many details about his actual service, I am thankful for his part in securing our freedoms.  So in honor of William's service, and those of his fellow Seabees, I share “The Song of the Seabees” ala Judy Garland from 1944:

The Song of the Seabees

Words by Sam M. Lewis
Music by Peter de Rose

We're the Seabees of the Navy
We can build and we can fight
We'll pave the way to victory
And guard it day and night
And we promise that we remember
The “Seventh of December”

We're the Seabees of the Navy
Bees of the Seven Seas

The Navy wanted men
That's where we came in
Mister Brown and Mister Jones
the Owens, Cohens, and Flynn
The Navy wanted more
Of uncle Sammy's kin
So we all joined up
And brother we're in to win

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