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Appalachian Trail Adventures

White trail markers along the path guide us as we trudge the 3.9 miles to McAfee Knob. Just 30 minutes outside of Salem, Virginia, this magnificent perch at 3,200 feet above sea level is fabled to be the most photographed spot on the entire Appalachian Trail.  Though not a difficult hike, nearly four hours of trudging means a sore body and welcome slumber at days end. 

Thank goodness for our iPhone camera, since the little Samsung digital camera we brought along is now somewhere a few hundred feet below this cliff.  Having just crawled on hands and knees to peer over the side, I can verify that it is a LONG WAY DOWN.  Some forest creature is going to have fun taking pictures of the numerous crazy tourists hanging out along the trail.  Farside cartoon? I think so.


As we stand along this ridge, enjoying the breathtaking scenery and bidding our camera farewell, I am reminded of my only other Appalachian Trail hike some twenty-three years before. My jouney to Mount Katahdin in Maine, also known as the Northern Terminus of the Appalachian Trail, was unlike any other hike before or after. Up the Chimney Pond trail, traversing with caution the infamous Knife Edge, down the Saddle trail to base camp. Beer and rehydrated MRE's (meals-ready-to-eat) never tasted so good to me. 

Why has it taken this hiking nomad so long to get back to the Trail? Life. Family. Busy-ness. Though I'm not complaining, I am dusting off my hiking boots for more Appalachian Trail adventures in the near future.

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