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Whisper White with Torch Red Interior

What's not to love about my 2002 Ford T-Bird? She's sleek, pristine, and has  marvelous red pinstriping. Whisper White exterior with Torch Red interior, opera window in the hard top, and a smooth gliding soft top. What's not to love?


My love affair with cars started in high school when I  bought my first car, a 1977 Camaro I nicknamed Sasha. I was taking a Russian class at the time, so the name seemed fitting enough.  Next came the white 1967 Mustang with a maroon hard top and original pony interior. A real head turner. Sadly her repairs in the first year exceeded what I originally paid for her so I sent her out to pasture. 


Following a short relationship with a totally reliable but boring Toyota Celica, I fell head-over-heels for a luscious show room floor 1990 white Alfa Romeo sedan. That year on Halloween I actually dressed up for work wearing a heavily sequined shirt emblazened with the Alfa Romeo insignia, wearing a sign that said "ANTHROPOMORPHIZE … I AM THE CAR, THE CAR IS ME". Go figure. Love makes no sense at all.


I promised myself years ago that I would NEVER fall in love with another car.  Never.  So silly to pour emotions into an automobile, like pumping gas into the tank. No matter how much you pump the gas, it always needs more.


But Whisper White with Torch Red interior. Who can resist? What's not to love? I guess I'll just keep pumping those crazy emotions into this lovely little car. After all, every nomad needs a cool set of wheels!

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