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Veterans Day 2014 - Giving Thanks


My mother-in-law, Doris (Jacobson) Neuren, one of the original WAVE's in WWII

As I continue beading my way through time, I am reminded of WHAT I’m doing constantly, and WHY I’m doing it less frequently, so here’s a recap. 

This first “Thankful Generations” Project commemorates the sacrifices made during World War II by those who served in the military, their families, individual citizens and whole communities around the nation. The artistic venue of beadwork is used to create representational tapestries depicting thematic aspects of America’s actions in World War II. My highest aspiration is that the completed tapestries, along with supporting materials, will be assembled as a traveling art exhibit featured in selected museums and galleries across the country. I have a long way to go to complete this, and chip away as I find time.  

The goals of the project are:

- To thank all those who have served or are serving in the military on behalf of our nation.

- To provide a new and different way to honor and respect what happened in the Second World War. 

- To raise awareness about the ongoing significance of WWII on today’s society.

- To ensure that younger generations learn about and appreciate the most world-defining event in modern history.

So far, I’ve completed five tapestries, and I want to take the time right now to respect and honor each individual represented in my beading endeavors.


Above is my greatest inspiration, a true American hero, my Uncle Arthur Swanson. He served as a radio man with E Company, 313th Infantry Regiment, 79th Division.


Joseph Vierra Cardoza, a US Navy Corpsman during WWII, recipient of the Purple Heart, and father of our dear friend, Rod Cardoza.


This is based on one of the sweetest WWII photos Ive seen, a wedding portrait of William Harvel (a Seabee) born in Tulsa, OK in 1921, and his beautiful bride, Audrey Mitchell. They are the parents of my brother-in-law, Gary Harvel.


My original tapestry based on an iconic photograph of a Marine in Saipan in 1944. Source: National Archives (127-GR-113-83414)

When will I be done? Not sure, but I’m keeping things moving. Next tapestry is of my grandfather, Chester Aloysious Kenney, who served in the Corps of Engineers.


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